Be kind!

Beginnings can be difficult and awkward, so I’ll start with something simple and timeless. Being kind to others is important. I have a feeling this won’t be difficult for you, seeing how sweet you are now as a baby. Smiling comes easy and your joy seems boundless.

In the future, however, people will be cruel to you for no apparent reason. Be prepared and stay on guard against those that may try to harm, but start with kindness and patience whenever possible. Know that everyone you meet is more than the attitude they present, even if it’s a facade of ill-temper. So much can happen in a lifetime to sour a person and bring bitterness, but it doesn’t have to end there. Something as small as your smile or words of concern could puncture a tiny hole in the shell of another’s resentment.

Understand that we all live in relation to everyone else. Even the most miserable is, or once was, someone’s daughter / son / sister / brother / mother / father / granddaughter, etc. As those relationships fade over time, the most lonely can still welcome an embrace from a friend. Respect others and share your warmth! You too may be in need of kindness and care from a stranger one day.

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