Keep a sense of wonder!

Undoubtedly life’s hardships will get you down from time to time, but do your best to keep a sense of wonder. No matter the trivial ups and downs, the snares of daily life, beyond the difficulty is an awesome, incredible world. Life, this huge and amazing life we all share, is truly wonderful!

Look around, look beyond the routines that sometimes drag us down and see all there is to see! Take in the stars on a clear night. Watch the sun as it rises and sets and floods the sky with astonishing crimson hues. Climb a mountain and look around in all directions. Notice the clouds as they move through the sky in endless variation. Watch the trees sway in the wind. Hear the birds sing their songs while the whole world awakens each morning. Look deeply into the eyes of loved ones and feel their souls looking back. Read a good poem and let the poet’s heart touch yours. Listen to a great song and let it move you— DANCE! Inhale deeply through your nose and smell fresh-baked bread. Stand on the coast with your toes in the surf letting the waves crash at your feet.

Even in the mundane, in the ordinary activities that fill our lives we can find great beauty if we give our full attention. Wash the dishes and notice the colors in the soap bubbles. Feel the water’s warmth as the grease is wiped away, making the bowls and plates squeaky clean. Appreciate doing what there is to do and then take satisfaction from a job well done. Embrace your life in all its wonder!

These days I’ve been filled with awe watching you. I watch you play with toys or find countless new objects to investigate. You’re so curious and learning quickly! I’m amazed how items I rarely notice anymore, like a plastic bowl, totally capture you. Such boundless curiosity! Such a big, new world for you to explore! I’m grateful to be able to experience the world anew with you.